Works at the Ourthe river!

Residents and tourists in Tilff, a borough of Esneux, had to wait long for it: a new bridge across the Ourthe and a railway line. After the building holiday, we started on this idyllic location in the province of Liège with the foundation works for the brand new bridge. It will be an architectural landmark across the river with two levels: the upper road surface is reserved to motor traffic so that below cyclists and pedestrians will be able to cross the river undisturbed on what looks like a hammock.

Obviously, such engineering structure requires a sound and solid foundation. That’s where we come in of course! With our leader mast Liebherr LB36 we will install a total of 45 Kelly piles (diameter 1300 mm), both permanent and temporary ones. The eight temporary piles will be removed after the assembly of the bridge.