Bored Kelly piles

Underground car park Spiegelplein

From top to bottom!

To re-create the Koningin Astridplein in Jette, also known as ‘Spiegelplein’, into a pleasant meeting place, we cooperated in the construction of an underground car park. By applying the Stross method, we could keep the unavoidable nuisance minimal. For the excavation of the new underground car park, Jan De Nul had the ideal expertise available: Soetaert.

For this wall-roof method, we first made a building pit of 3500 m² (with the vibration-free installation of sheet pile walls in soil mix sections) and drilled 40 Kelly piles as deep foundation. After having placed the roof slab, the above-ground square could again be released and the underground excavation works could be started.

Sheet piles
Bored Kelly piles