Soetaert combines safety and commitment with ‘rapid actions’

Every month the senior managers and prevention department of Soetaert visit all sites during one day. The purpose of these so-called ‘rapid actions’? Verify whether the sites comply with the corona measures, but mainly be a sounding board for the employees. “We want to establish a positive dialogue and motivate our employees”, managing director Eric Beyts says.

During the rapid action, the management walks around the site together with the safety coordinator. They discuss the status, explain the toolbox and raise two main topics and follow-up questions. Afterwards they go through all registration documents and give everyone feedback. The site manager tackles the site related issues, and for structural issues the management tries to find a solution together with the prevention department.

Face-to-face discussion
The people in the workplace are happy to take the time to engage in dialogue. “If you want to work fast, you risk losing sight of things”, crane operator Marc Drabbe says. “The rapid actions remind us of such hazards, and also of those that colleagues on other sites are struggling with. That way we keep a sharp focus on safety.” “An ideal opportunity to draw attention to improvements in terms of safety, order and cleanliness”, assistant site manager Joeri Vancompernolle adds. “with attention to social commitment.”

Positive dynamic
The management experiences a positive drive and more transparency in the workplace as well. “Our rapid actions have brought about a certain dynamic”, managing director Eric Beyts informs. “People make improvements themselves and submit suggestions. There is a growing safety awareness among the employees.” According to prevention advisor Jonas Bruneel this initiative is a good example that the management care systems are doing a good job: “Managers are involved in focus areas concerning safety, health, environment and quality. With the presence of the site and project manager, these rapid actions can be considered workplace inspections at once. An approach that was assessed as good practice during the last external audit.”