Jetgrouting or high-pressure injection (HDI) is a foundation technique in which cement grout columns are formed in the soil under very high pressure. The technique uses drillings with a small diameter to depths of 20 metres and more. When the drilling has reached the needed depth, we inject a grout mixture under high pressure (up to 400 bar) in the soil. Through the hardening of the mixture, cement columns are formed with diameters of 80 to 120 centimetres. These can serve as a bearing element or earth/water-retaining constructions. If necessary, armouring can be added.

Soetaert possesses several HDI machines which can also be used in small spaces.


  • Vibration free
  • Little noise
  • Water- and earth-retaining


This technique for ground improvement and compaction can be executed in all types of soils.