Screw injection piles


This pile foundation technique is primarily used to take on heavy loads with a relatively small pile diameter.

To form screw injection piles, we screw a steel pile in the ground with an auger larger than the pile itself. The ground is not brought up but displaced sideways. During the drilling, we inject cement-grout in the space between the steel pile and the soil. In this way, the entire pile is surrounded by grout. After hardening, the grout mixture strengthens the pile, transfers part of the forces to the soil, and protects the steel pile from corroding. When the pile has reached the correct depth, the pile is filled with concrete.


  • Heavier loadbearing possible thanks to grout-mixture
  • Vibration-free installation
  • No soil removal


Screw injection piles can be installed perfectly in densely populated areas, close by existing buildings and in small spaces.