Earth retaining screw piles


This vibration-free pile foundation technique does not displace any soil.

When using this technique, we screw a tube fitted with an auger into the soil. Thanks to the screw-shaped axis of the tube, the soil is displaced sideways. At the bottom, the tube is closed of with a sacrificial auger. This way, no water, soil, or sludge can get into the tube.

When the correct depth has been reached, armouring can be placed. Then, the tube is filled with concrete and removed from the soil. During the removal, concrete is added so the pressure stays sufficiently high. If necessary, we place added top-armouring in the fresh concrete later on.

Soetaert goes for heavy duty works

Since 2019, Soetaert specialises in soil-displacing screw piles. We’re continuously using multiple machines to realise these pile foundations. Thanks to our heavy drilling machines, mostly heavy screw piles are part of our job content. Currently, we dispose of different sizes we can deploy to execute this technique.


  • Barely any soil that needs to be disposed.
  • High load-bearing capacity thanks to relatively small pile-diameters.
  • Vibration-free and low-noise execution
  • Armouring throughout the entire pile is possible


Soil-displacing screw piles can be installed perfectly in urban surrounding and industrial projects, in all types of soil.