A combination of steel tubular piles and sheet piles

A combi wall is an earth-retaining structure that, as the name tells us, is built using different profiles. Combi walls exist out of a combination of tubular piles and sheet piles. The piles provide strength to the wall, while the sheet piles serve as earth retainers.

To construct combi walls, we first vibrate or drive the steel tubular piles into the soil. For this, we use a piling frame, so the piles can be position accurately. The piles are provided with welded interlocking points into which the sheet piles fit. Those are then placed between the tubular piles. To stabilise the combi wall, we place horizontal jack posts or anchor the backfilling. In some cases, the wall is auto stable, which means no anchorage is needed.


  • Heavier loads possible thanks to great bending-stiffness
  • Vertical installation
  • Installation from ground or pontoon


Combi walls are the preferred technique for permanent or temporary walls with tall earth-retaining heights, such as quay walls and construction pits.