Müller-Verpress piles or MV piles are soil displacing steel piles with a very large tensile capacity. They are used as an anchoring technique.

MV piles are steel profiles we drive into the ground with a hydraulic piling hammer. Via two pipes, we inject a grout mixture, made from water and cement, into the tip of the piles. After hardening, the grout provides a large shaft friction. We can execute this technique in just about every angle. The technique serves perfectly for heavy foundations with high pressure- or tensile strains, such as quay wall anchorages.

Soetaert developed a new placing technique

Normally, placing the MV piles is undertaken with a fixed Mobilram rig (or pile-driving frame). This rig keeps the MV pile in the correct angle when it is driven into the ground. Soetaert on the other hand, uses a free-hanging rig, lifted by a cable crane for the technique.

It is the crane that keeps the rig and the pile at the correct angle and in the correct position, an innovative method in the Benelux. On top of that, thanks to heavy lifting cranes of mother company Jan De Nul Group, we can use this technique in record time.


  • All possible angles
  • Less vibrations than other driven pile systems thanks to the grout mixture
  • Lengths up to 50 metres are possible


MV piles are the ideal technique for heavy foundations with large tensile strains, such as quay wall anchorages or deep construction pits.

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