Bored Kelly piles


Kelly piles are in situ shaped concrete piles with a large diameter. They are used to transfer large foundation loads to the subsoil.

Using the kelly technique, we can realise bored piles with a diameter of 1,800 mm up to a depth of 40 metres, both in soft and rocky soils. To form a bored pile, we first drill a hole in the soil using a motorised drill, which rotates a telescopic kelly bar. To stabilise the drilled hole, we place casings in the soil. Next, we place an armouring cage, fill it with concrete and recuperate the steel casings.

Kelly piles enter all types of soil

Apart from projects in Belgium, the Netherlands, and France, Soetaert successfully placed pile foundations for a new quay wall in Panama. For this, we realised bored piles in diverse soils, from the softer sand or clay to basalt rock.


  • Great variety in pile diameter
  • Fit for all soiltypes
  • Possible to dig through hard rock or even armoured concrete


This foundation technique is ideal to transfer concentrated loads in deeper soils, like office buildings, bridges, and viaducts, in all types of soil.

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