Continuous Flight Auger-piles (CFA-piles)


This pile-foundation technique removes soil during the drilling phase. The technique uses a long auger drilled into the soil. This is a hollow spiral auger with the central axis closed off to prevent water, soil or sludge from entering.

The moment the auger has reached the requred depth, an armouring cage is placed in the hollow stem, and concrete is pumped through the stem. During the concreting phase, the screw is removed from the ground, along with the dug-up soil.

To form CFA-piles, Soetaert uses the same machines as with ground-displacing screw-piles.


  • Vibration- and shock free
  • Little risk for decompression of the soil
  • Quick execution


CFA-piles can be used in urban areas or areas with a lot of groundwater. The technique can be executed in nearly all soil types.